From tantalizingly sweet to searingly spicy, Malaysian food provides the feel good factor that brings people together. It is more than just food, but a memorable culinary experience that combines cultures, traditions and age-old recipes. Enjoy the diverse tastes and flavours of Malaysia’s world-famous food.
Malaysia mempesona!


  1. yess, Malaysia is amazing. Malaysia is truly ASIA because it consists of many Asian cultures. one of the cultures that built Malaysia is Indonesian culture. mostly are JAVANESE, MINANG, and BUGIS. besides Chinese and Indian descendants, Malaysian's ancestors were from Indonesia. Javanese, Minang, or any other tribes of Indonesia, they used to travel or migrate from Indonesia to Malaysia. thats why in Malaysia theres a mixed culture. which actually Indonesia and Malaysia have to respect each other. because Indonesia is actually like a Mother to Malaysia ❤️????
    Example :
    1. BATIK from Java-Indonesia exists in Malaysia because of the vast of Javanese migration long time ago
    2. SONGKET from Minang-Indonesia exists in Malaysia because some of Minangnese migrated to Malaysia
    3. Nasi Ambeng from Java-Indonesia now becomes popular in Malaysia and Singapore
    4. Nasi Padang from West Sumatera also popular in Malaysia and Sing
    5. RANDANG from West Sumatra is the most loved food in Malaysia and Sing, and many more.

    How lovely that Indonesia, Malahsia, and Sing are sharing some of beautiful cultures ?