‘Discover Breathtaking Malaysia’ was awarded Silver by the Telly Awards 2020 for showcasing the best work created across video, for all screen in the Travel/Tourism category among other 12,000 entries. This video targeted the Millennial market segment to throw open the vast holiday options in Malaysia. It highlights great locations around the country besides offering glimpses of Malaysia’s attractions including nature, culture, food, shopping and more, to appeal to the young, trendy urbanite and IT-savvy traveller.


  1. This is truly a big step for Malaysia Tourism Ads. All the ads before are mostly with soft and cultural music. This video has a very big different compare with the others. and Taniah, Congrats Malaysia for receiving the award.

  2. OMG Malaysian Tourism Board has done once again such fantastic job that never fails to wow the crowd with such temptation after temptation for places of many different Instagram moments. what a genius idea to capture the hearts of the youth with today's trend of being in the it places to do the trendiest thing with the most amazing photo to die for moments!

    This video makes me wanna see Malaysia so much, no joke!!! Wait a minute, I don't need to go anywhere, I actually live in Malaysia, man, am I blessed or what? 😂 jealous much? don't be, come visit my beautiful home, as our doors are always open to show you the real Malaysian hospitality, remember, Malaysia Truly Asia?!

    Selamat Datang, as we greet you welcome!

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