This 4 – minute video ( DISCOVER BREATHTAKING MALAYSIA) is newly produced in conjunction with VM2020. It targets the Millennial market segment to throw open the vast holiday options in Malaysia. It highlights great locations around the country besides offering glimpses of Malaysia’s attractions including nature, culture, food, shopping and more, to appeal to the young, trendy urbanite and IT-savvy traveler.

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  1. This video left me in awe of how beautiful Malaysia is. As a Malaysian, this certainly makes me wanna be the tourist in my own country. Many of those places in this video i would like to go or go again.

  2. bulih highlight pasal kebudayaan kelantan macam dikir barat, wayang kulit..terengganu pasal pantai dan pulaunye yang cantik..kedah boleh highlight bendang sawah dan pemandangan gunung jerai..lain2 tempat macam dijohor, pahang, perak, dan perlis pun ade banyak lagi tempat menarik dan keunikan yang tersendiri..nak taruk semua mesti panjang plak videonye…papepun xde cuti2 malaysia tahun ni..stay safe stay home semua

  3. Thumbs up great works. Under Harapan government we can see this good things…Silver award from TV telly US. That is great news!
    Now under PN rule, especially PAS..Malaysia will more like a Taliban state. Now already starting on alcoholic drinks, next will be the our attires, next will be cultural performance,
    Under Gobind Singh Deo my internet experience is Great!!! now under PN, tortoise speed, Netflix unwatchable with arrow turning round and round…..The internet and mobile phones will suffer especially with cronyism rule. Already awarded 5G without tender. Definitely will be Lack luster internet experience

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