“Visit Truly Asia – Malaysia” is composed in two languages by Ramlan Mohd Imam, Dean Music Faculty at Akademi Seni dan Warisan Negara with lyrics written by Normah Kechut in Bahasa Melayu and James P.S. Boyle in English.

The song emphasises universal themes of unity and hope, sharing and inclusivity, and prosperity. It also incorporates traditional instruments and music aesthetics to reflect the rich multicultural population of Malaysia.

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  1. Siapa edit video ni weh hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaa omg.. Siap effect2 ada api2, effect glitter2 macam tuu.. Intro video.. Omghh.. tourism malaysia what happened to you? 😣😣

  2. Tourist Malaysia has very serious problem!? Hotel or hostel become different things !? Local try let the rent many tourist come to Malaysia shopping? U tell me? Local or foreign country.? U think this country need very serious of tourist? We're don't need tourist local become tourist.

  3. Foreigners uses this place for holidays or do doing crimes? Government did do anything.local people are ready so busy .still need take foreign guess? Need serious who can be originally tourist.

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