Experience Melaka Heritage City

It was once dubbed โ€˜Venice of the Eastโ€™ at its peak, Melaka is a wonderful mix of modern living and centuriesโ€™ old heritage. It is a small state but has plenty to offer! There are also a lot of places with excellent food in Melaka. The key attractions are the diversity of cuisine which provide absolute eating experience of its own. So invest in a pair of good walking shoes and start to experience & explore!

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  1. this malacca is the worst place to visit in Malaysia.. its bloody hot and humid and all the visiting sites are badly managed and uncoordinated … this is Malaysia no one flagship for tourism, but nothing is done properly and properly to make the tourist visit experience unforgettable.. nothing,, do la all the really big big stuff big beaches big monument bog themepark …big unique night time experience… bodoh la

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