Malaysia Truly Asia 2016 TVC – East Asia (4 mins)

‘Your Story To Share, Our Promise to Delight’

Immerse yourself in the beauty that Malaysia has to offer and create lasting memories. Share your story, share your happiness.

#MalaysiaTrulyAsia #TourismMalaysia


  1. Thank you for creating this GREAT video about the beauty of Malaysia! As a Malaysian I am proud to enjoy the authentic and simple style of romantic in the states of Malaysia.

  2. kenapa ga lebih di tonjolkan melayu asli malaysinya.. ?? dibanding etnis lainnya gitu.. kan ada banyak kerajaan melayu tuh pasti banyak khasnya beda2

  3. Reading these comments it seems after 200 years or more some people in malaysia cannot accept other ethnicities and cultures, very disappointing.

  4. Sedih bila Negara yang mempunyai MultiCulture sentiasa d kecam oleh Negara yg tdak tahu akan Malaysia yang sbnarnya.. Malaysia.. Go. ignore them.. mereka cuma rakyat yg berfikiran sempit.. truskan buat video yg unik dan menunjukkan kita adalah Negara yang Unik.. dan Tunjukkan yang kita bukan Negara pencuri Budaya..

  5. Indonesia is most visited country. Indonesia have Bali, Raja Ampat, Labuan Bajo (Komodo dragon island), Gili's island, Java (there are Borobudur, Prambanan temple), Lombok island and mich more beautiful island, amazing city night life (Jakarta, Surabaya, Kuta) and delicious foods… Indonesia is TRULY PARADISE in this Universe 😍

  6. This is malaysia tourism ad to atract east asian to explore our country.
    But why indonesia triggered and promote their country here??

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