Duku Fruits


This fruit is popularly known as duku fruit, langsat, and even lanzone in many parts of its availability. This plant is a native of South East Asia and can be found there in abundance. This specie is related to that of the mahogany trees. Also marked as a provicinal flower of the Indonesian province of south Sumatra. Duku fruits are very interesting to look at as they appear to be very small in size and translucent in color.
Oval shaped fruits are a delight to taste and are majorly found in SouthEast Asia, Indian regions and also available in Bhutan. They can taste quite sour when consumed in an unripe form. When consumed post its ripen the fruit taste sweet just leaving a bitter sweet after taste very much like grapefruit.

A duku fruit tree grows as tall as 30 meters in height and 75 centimeter in width. The branches of the tree bears odd numbered leaves that have fine hair beneath their surface.the flowers borne on this tree are mainly borne on the crown or even found hanging on the branches of these trees. They are spotted in a bunch sometimes even 5 flowers together can be found.

The langsat or the duku fruit holds its roots in Malaysia and is a popular fruit found both in the wild forest and is also cultivated dosmtically due to high rise in demand for the same. It is also used to conserve the forest as it is a popular tree planted in order to ensure afforestation. This fruit is popular in local South Indian markets as well.
After its introduction in the Hawaiian regions in the year 1930 it gained a lot of popularity and is now grown on lower elevations frequently.


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